Nordic Shield Plastics
Bulk Roll Vinyl Tablecloth, Oil Cloth, Window Clear Vinyls, Table Pad, Upholstery and More

Super Double Polished Clear

4 Ga. - 20 Ga. - 54" Wide with Colored Coded Paper

Super Class Double Polished "Window" Clear. Uses include storm windows and doors; table covers; crafts; insulation; wind and vapor barriers; car and boat windows; sheeting; tarps; upholstery; slipcovers, and all types of covers; resists cold and hot temperatures, water, stains, and more. Note that "Window" Clear Vinyl is also available in other gauges, widths, and put-ups such as 6G, 10G, 20G, 30G, 40G and 60G. Further, this product is also available in Frosted Clear 4G through 20G.

4990 Medium
4 Ga. x 50 Yd. Rolls

8990 Heavy
8 Ga. x 36 Yd. Rolls

1299 Deluxe
12 Ga. x 25 Yd. Rolls

1699 Supreme
16 Ga. x 15 Yd. Rolls

2099 Grande
20 Ga. x 15 Yd. Rolls

0118A Clear Floral
5Ga. x 50 Yd. Rolls

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